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If you're looking for a provider of timely pharmaceutical sampling, distribution, or fulfillment solutions, you need HMS®. Whether your samples are headed Direct-to-Representative (DTR) or Direct-to-Practitioner (DTP), we've got you covered. HMS also offers web-based fulfillment (e-Sampling) and order processing with turnaround as quick as one day.

HMS is licensed to distribute prescription drugs: Legend and Schedule III, IV, and V controlled substances.


HMS SAMPLE CONNECT® The industry's latest pharmaceutical e-Sampling program is revolutionary. It goes beyond traditional e-Sampling and offers the pharmaceutical marketer more options and control.

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  • WHERE your target practitioners will connect and click.
  • WHAT information your target practitioners will view.
  • WHEN you want your drug samples delivered.
  • HOW the samples will be delivered: BY YOUR REP or SHIPPED BY HMS.

Ideal for:

  • No-See Physicians and Low-See Physicians
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Efforts
  • White Space Programs
  • Vacant Territory Programs
  • Complementing Existing Sampling Programs
  • Tracking Sampling Activity and Results


  • Online ordering — by program
  • Compliant fax-back method for order receipt — signature required
  • Validation performed prior to fulfillment
  • Ship same day or next day depending on time of receipt
  • Report by campaign to measure your promotional activity
  • HMS Standard Report Suite will monitor inventory and shipment activity
  • End-to-end closed-loop process
  • Complete compliance

HMS SAMPLE CONNECT is easier to implement than other pharmaceutical e-Sampling programs, and it is significantly more affordable to launch.


HMS S.A.M.® (HMS Sample Acknowledgement Manager®)

An Electronic AOC* Closure Solution That Works

  • Quick, easy-to-use Web App
  • Sales Reps obtain physician's signature in minutes
  • Maximize your sales reps' productivity
  • Close all outstanding AOCs* immediately
  • PDMA Compliant**
  • Sample on!
*Acknowledgement of Content
**Prescription Drug Marketing Act

Online Ordering Portal

Howell Marketing Services’ online ordering portal was originally created for pharmaceutical sales reps, and now is used for any group that is authorized to order your company’s products, premiums, marketing materials, and promotional items.

The portal is set up on a standard e-commerce platform and is fully customizable to your needs. Add your logo, your colors, and your theme.

In some cases, a program administrator may approve orders and set limits. In other cases, the admin will order on behalf of a sales team or group for monthly replenishment of materials, for onboarding a new salesperson, or for product launches.

Product photos make online ordering easy and accurate. The online ordering portal is mobile compatible.

Contact us to schedule a demo.

Online Rep Portal


Direct-to-Representative Pharmaceutical Sampling, Sales Support and Literature Fulfillment

In the Direct-to-Representative process:

  • Sample product and literature are sent directly to the sales representative.
  • HMS will fill orders to representatives in full or partial case quantities.
  • If required, HMS will consolidate product and promotional items into one shipment.

HMS offers an easy to use online ordering system, giving reps access to the sample and literature items they need at the click of a button. Our systems allow sales reps to track their orders from arrival at our facility through final destination at the representative's location.