Supply Chain
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Supply Chain Management

HMS® systems allow you 24/7 access to accurate real-time information, enabling you to make timely decisions affecting your supply chain. This immediate flow of information supports your pharmaceutical product sample inventory management efforts and transportation selections, providing you with the optimum supply chain management tools. Our relentless focus on SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY® will help you meet your pharmaceutical sampling chain goals.


Validated Systems

HMS has built systems specifically designed to distribute prescription drug samples in the most compliant and efficient way possible. Howell Marketing Services’ validated pharmaceutical sample fulfillment systems were designed around three core capabilities to meet the needs of both user and customer:

  • Distribution Management
    • Order processing / sample order management
    • Order entry - Electronic, EDI, BRC, other files
    • Practitioner Validation rules, including mid-level practitioners
    • Mid-Level rules - State disclosure requirements
    • Proof of delivery / AOD - End-to-end closed loop
  • Warehouse Management
    • Inventory allocation & FEFO
    • Physical and demand cycle counts (RF)
  • Transportation Management
    • Carrier selection and rate shopping
    • Carrier label creation
    • Shipment consolidation
    • POD/AOC process linked to carrier servers

Cost Effectiveness

  • Transportation management that can rate shop. The system will pass your shipments through as many carrier accounts as you want and shop for the best rate, reducing overall shipping costs.
  • Date as we go. We determine carrier ship date last and label last, ensuring the maximum number of same day shipments and shortest cycle time for our customers.

System Performance

  • Flexible systems. Programmable workflows provide the customer with the ability to make program modifications quickly and inexpensively.
  • User-friendly. The system is easy to navigate for both customers and users.
  • Web-based systems. With secure user access a customer can enter the system and look at their information, securely and in real time.
  • Online reporting. HMS provides a standard suite of online reports that our customers can securely access. Bring up a report, click on a link and download it to an Excel spreadsheet. It's that easy!

eCommerce Solutions

The growth of eCommerce requires faster and better solutions to meet consumer-driven needs and expectations to bring your new product to market. We make it quick and easy.

Inventory Distribution & Management:

Our purpose-built, FDA-registered, temperature-controlled facility provides you with a quick-to-market new product launch within a matter of weeks. We offer the tools, integrated technology, and expert staff to accommodate high-volume sales, inventory, fulfillment, and tracking.

Branded eStorefront:

We can brand your storefront and integrate simple and cost-effective eCommerce platforms, custom APIs, and other hosting platforms.

Customer Service:

We offer dedicated Account Management representatives at our call-center for your customer service needs and online support to ensure customer satisfaction and maximum Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Safety Protocols:

Integrated fraud protection and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

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