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Howell Packaging has been providing our customers with lot-level prescription drug product traceability with complete transaction history since August of 2018.

The next deadline in the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is quickly approaching. By November 27, 2023, full unit traceability, including aggregation will be mandatory. Allow Howell Packaging’s fully validated serialization line to be your solution.

Howell can work with you to create the serial numbers and adhere to the standard. We print each unique serial number onto the prescription drug package; the system verifies that the number is correct, and then aggregates to the corrugated shipper and to the pallet.

The final step is that the aggregated information is then transmitted back to the manufacturer when the product is shipped.

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Our integrated capabilities make Howell Packaging an ideal outsourcing partner. The ability to provide multiple links in the supply chain, coupled with our experience in kitting for both domestic and international markets, make Howell a solid choice. We have constructed a resource that can be integrated into a client's planning function by providing project management, designing efficient packaging, manufacturing package components, performing contract assembly, and offering storage and distribution services.

Child Resistant - Senior Friendly

The howell•CR•III® & howell•CR•IV® are unique wallet-style, child-resistant and senior-friendly compliance package for solid-dose pharmaceuticals. It is the optimal combination of economy of production, high-speed assembly, and F=1 rating. The howell•CR•IV has passed the Consumer Product Safety Commission's protocol at the highest level (F=1) for child resistance. Additionally, the package has been rated extraordinarily high (100%) in senior-friendliness. Applications include: compliance trade packages, patient starter kits, and patient titration units.

Compliance Packaging

The use of compliance packaging has been growing in the US market. Studies have confirmed that the use of packaging with compliance-prompting features not only increases patient adherence to pharmaceutical dosing regimes but also improves medical outcomes. As a corporate member of Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council (HCPC), Howell Packaging is focused on providing design expertise and manufacturing resources targeted to adherence-enhancing packaging strategies.

Source Tagging

Howell Packaging has been offering EAS source tagging almost since the technology's inception. Checkpoint® or Sensormatic® tags can be applied to cartons automatically in line at our folding carton operation or can be applied during assembly at our contract packaging facility. We can apply one or the other or both, if required.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Howell Packaging is a well established supplier to the pharmaceutical industry. Our systems and SOPs are cGMP compliant. We are a procedure-driven organization, upholding the highest standards of quality and accountability. Our quality initiatives, including our "First Time Quality" Program and our Continuous Improvement Program ("The BEST"), emphasize personal accountability and commitment to excellence.